Best Bow Holders for Tree Stands

Tree stands are typically small spaces that don’t allow much room for anything else other than your feet. This means that more often than not you’ll find yourself holding your heavy bow for prolonged periods of time, which can be tiring to your arms.

This also means that if you happen to spot your target after a long day of pointlessly holding your bow up, you may find that your arms are not on top form and cause you to miss your shot.

That’s where your bow holder comes into play. Bow holders can attach to tree stands effortlessly without taking up any of your limited room.

They’re also simple so that you can rest your bow on it easily without any noisy contraptions or clasps, which could potentially scare off your prey.

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Through looking at all the market has to offer, we have found that there aren’t that many high quality holders out there as people tend to buy cheaper models rather than high quality designs as bow holders aren’t a desperate necessity for hunters.

Having said that, we’ve narrowed down the selection to the five best bow holders for tree stands that you could buy.

We’ve reviewed each of them and noted some things to look out for when buying a bow stand and how to install them in the hopes of finding you your new best friend while on your bow hunting expeditions.

Let’s give it a shot.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
HME High-Quality Durable Reliable Versatile Easy-to-Install Universally Mountable Hunting Tree Stand Bow Holder - 360 Fork Rotation, Rock solid attachment
  • 360 FORK ROTATION - The bow holder features a fork that can rotate a full 360 degrees; This exceptional rotation capability allows it to accommodate virtually any bow limb and riser curvatures - so your bow fits securely, regardless of its unique design
  • COMPATIBILITY - The HME Universally Mountable Bow Holder is designed to fit ladder or climber tree stands; It is adaptable to various types of tree stands, making it a versatile solution for hunters who use different stand configurations
  • SLIDE-N-LOCK MOUNTING SYSTEM - The bow holder is equipped with a special Slide-n-Lock mounting system; This system simplifies the installation process, eliminating the need for tools; It allows for quick and easy attachment to your tree stand

Best Bow Holders for Tree Stands – Comparison Table

Best Bow Holders for Tree Stands – Reviews

Our Pick

HME High-Quality Durable Reliable Versatile Easy-to-Install Universally Mountable Hunting Tree Stand Bow Holder - 360 Fork Rotation, Rock solid attachment

HME High-Quality Durable Reliable Versatile Easy-to-Install Universally Mountable Hunting Tree Stand Bow Holder - 360 Fork Rotation, Rock solid attachment
Our rating:

If you’re looking for a bow holder that will fit onto any tree stand, you can’t get much better than HME Products’ model. This, along with the sturdy metal used, indicates that this bow holder will last a long time.

Even if you switch up your tree stand, you don’t have to buy another bow holder because this one fits all!

Mounting this bow holder is very easy and it adopts a large enough system for almost any tree stand tubing. All you need to do is thread the tubing through and fix the two screws until it’s tight to your stand.

What’s nice about this is that using two screws instead of one gives you a sturdier hold and is less likely to be ill fitting.

The bow holder prongs can be rotated 360 degrees to accommodate bows with less common shapes and curves, making this a great versatile bow holder as well as a universal one. One downside that we’ve noticed is that this bow holder requires a lot of small pieces that aren’t attached to the main body.

The failure of using an all in one system makes it easier to lose these small parts.

On the whole, HME Products’ Universally Mountable Bow Holder will work with basically any tree stand and has an incredibly attractive price point.

  • Versatile with 360 degree turning
  • Universally works with any stand
  • Affordable price
  • Prongs are set too wide for the smallest of bows
  • Easy to lose the smaller parts

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Bow Holder for Tree Stand, Hunting, Archery, lightweight, clamp on for easy assembly, durable

Bow Holder for Tree Stand, Hunting, Archery, lightweight, clamp on for easy assembly, durable
Our rating:

Versatile, thick and sturdy are just a few words to describe this bow hunter from High Point Products. Made from high quality nylon resin, this holder can be mounted to anywhere on the base of your tree stand, depending on where’s going to benefit you most.

A quick bolt and screw mechanism makes installation simple, meaning you can move it as many times as you need in one hunting trip.

One extremely beneficial feature of this bow holder is the fact that it can rotate completely so you can have your bow in the perfect position, ready and waiting for you to pounce.

What’s more is that it will lock into place at every five degrees to give you an incredible range of motion and prevent your bow from being knocked out of line.

The holder is also made from rubber to prevent damaging your bow and making excessive noise while turning your bow and moving it from and to your holder.

However, nothing’s perfect and there are a couple of downsides to this bow holder. First, it’s made of nylon resin which is less durable and more likely to wobble in high winds.

Having said this, this cuts down on weight, so it’s really down to what you’d prefer from your bow holder.

Despite this, we think the High Point Products model is a great contender for the best bow holder to work with tree stands. Easily mountable, works with a load of tree stands and is reasonably sturdy.

  • Rubber coating to keep movements quiet
  • 360 degree rotation to find your perfect position every time
  • Works with both cylindrical and square tubes on tree stands
  • You can opt for either a clampable or drillable version
  • Some who have mounted this on a cylindrical tube have found it to be flimsier than square tubes
  • Nylon resin construction is much weaker than metal alternatives

Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder

Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder
Our rating:

Summit Treestands is a trusted brand when it comes to hunting gear, whether it be hunting blinds, tree stands and harnesses, which is why their Universal Bow Holder has found its way onto our list.

The design can’t get much simpler, with two metal prongs and a clamp, but it does the job and works exceptionally well.

When we say it’s easy to use, all you have to do is unscrew the bolt, place it over the side of your tree stand, and screw the bolt back in. That’s it!

The two prongs hold the bow and are coated in resistant rubber which keeps your bow from slipping, becoming damaged or making any noise.

The simple design and attachment mechanism make it usable for almost any tree stand provided its bars are thin enough for the holder’s clamp to fit around. It also works with any bow so you don’t have to play the guessing game as to whether your gear is going to be compatible – you don’t want to get yourself high up in the tree only for your bow to fall out of an incompatible holder, do you?

One thing we love about this bow holder is the attractive price point. It’s affordable and does the job – perfect for people who are wanting to test out the idea before spending lots of money on it.

This means it comes with no additional features and some reviewers have stated that the clamp is too small for their tree stands, whether it be too small to fit or too large to fit securely.

Ultimately, this model will work fine for you if you’re on a budget and have a compatible tree stand, however once you’ve established that you like the contraption you may want to consider getting a higher quality option.

  • Affordable price point
  • Can’t get much easier to attach
  • Rubber coated to prevent noise and slipping
  • Compatible with many different tree stands
  • Not the best quality so may wear and need replacing quickly

My Bow Buddy Hi-Profile Hang-On Buddy Hunting Bow Holder | Stainless Steel Bow Hangers for Tree Stand | Tree Stand Accessories for Hunting for Compound or Crossbow | Tree Stand Accessory Holder

My Bow Buddy Hi-Profile Hang-On Buddy Hunting Bow Holder | Stainless Steel Bow Hangers for Tree Stand | Tree Stand Accessories for Hunting for Compound or Crossbow | Tree Stand Accessory Holder
Our rating:

A more complex looking contraption, My Bow Buddy’ Bow Hanger is made from solid steel, making it very durable and sturdy. Of course, this is useful as you don’t want your bow falling anywhere thanks to a rickety bow rest.

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This model is designed to work on anything that it can clamp onto, whether that be tree stands or ladders. Another easy installation method is adopted by the Bow Hanger, using some simple screwing actions.

The all in one design makes for a holder that will work with most bows, from crossbows to longbows, yumi bows to compound bows.

The raised design of this holder is raised which means it’s easier for you to grab your how quickly without having to bend down or unclip it.

Moreover the holder section is coated with rubber to prevent damages to your bow and loud clanging sounds occurring when you go to retrieve it.

Going back to the steel construction, this allows for bumps and accidents along the way without you worrying about any damages.

The difference the solid metal makes is very noticeable compared to some of the cheaper models, and it gives the impression that it’s in it for the long haul.

  • Easy attachment which can connect to any part of your tree stand, from the arm to the bottom platform
  • Works well with crossbows
  • The steel material used is extremely durable and long lasting
  • Bow holder is coated in rubber to prevent damaging your bow
  • Doesn’t work with bows with more curved arms

Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest

Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest
Our rating:

Differing from the norm of this list, Third Hand has adopted an s-shape hook to keep your bow in place. Another notable difference is that there are no culky clamps or additional parts, meaning your range of motion isn’t compromised.

You can mount this bow holder straight onto the edge of your tree stand without the use of noisy drills.

The hook is made from aluminium which is super sturdy and durable while still being lighter than steel. There’s always the worry in the back of your mind that the clamps are going to come loose and fall off, but Third Hand diminishes this worry by not using any.

However, screws require more setup than the other models on this list and it means you’re going to have to carry extra tools with you. Some of the screws included are of low quality and therefore the whole bow holders quality is reduced.

Moreover, these screws can easily get caught on clothing which can cause unnecessary noise and discomfort.

Overall this is a low price bow holder which offers an alternative to clamping mounts, it works with most stands and it’s made of durable construction.

  • Made of durable aluminium
  • Can be mounted to the edge of the tree stand offering a better range of motion
  • Not the highest quality
  • The screws and hook can easily get caught on clothing which is inconvenient

Best Bow Holders for Tree Stands – Buyers Guide

Shape of the Hook

There’s no use buying a great bow holder for your tree stand when it’s not going to hold your bow, is there? All bow shapes are different and therefore it’s not always a one size fits all situation.

Luckily, bow holder manufacturers know about this and often try and make their model as universal as possible to hold most bows, but if your bow is noticeably more straight or curved than the norm, you’re going to want to ensure that the holder will work for you.


Another important factor to consider when looking for your bow holder is how stable it’s going to be. Tree stands have the ability to go really high up off the ground, depending on what you’re hunting, and the higher you go the faster the winds are likely to be. High winds can cause your bow to shake and wobble, causing a plethora of problems for a hunter.

Firstly, and perhaps the most detrimental problem, is that your bow could slip out of the holder and fall to the ground. If this didn’t break it, it would still be a pain to lower yourself down to retrieve it.

Another problem caused by an unstable holder is that the bow shaking and hitting against your stand, therefore notifying your prey that you’re there and preventing them from coming out of their hiding spots.

No matter what the problem is, I think we can all agree that stability is important when looking for a bow holder, so make sure the clamps are tightly closable and the holder is made of a durable construction.

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It goes without saying that the durability of your bow holder is an essential part of how good at its job it’s going to be. Think about how effective a bow holder made out of paper would be – soggy in the rain, easily crushable any other time.

Obviously this is not desirable by any hunter, so durability is a must have.

Most manufacturers make their bow hunters out of metal, however some use plastic or resin instead. While metal is the more durable and therefore desirable choice, it will also make it considerably heavier and therefore harder for you to transport.

Another thing to consider when choosing a bow holder made from metal is the fact that there should be rubber protectors for where your bow is going to come into contact with it. This prevents both noise to scare your prey away and damages to your bow, which no one wants.


How your bow holder mounts to your tree stand is an important thing to look for as not all mounting techniques will work with your stand. Stands come with a wide range of square and cylindrical arms of all different thicknesses, so you’ll need a holder that can be attached to your individual stand.

All-in-one mounting systems are much easier and quicker to use than over complicated ones, so look for one of these that can be adjusted to your stand. Which mounting system you’ll opt for should differ depending on the type of tree stand you have.

Ease of Use

Hunting is an intricate sport which requires a lot of gear and setup, meaning your bow holder should be easy to attach without having to struggle around with it for too long. During the time it takes you to set up your holder, three deer have just strolled right past without a care in the world.

Hunting also requires a lot of patience, as you could be waiting for hours only to get a couple of seconds worth of a clear shot. During this critical moment, you don’t want your bow to get caught on the holder and spook your prey away. Consider how easy the holder is going to be during your hunt before purchasing it.

What’s so good about a bow holder for tree stands?

Bow holders are the perfect piece of equipment to use with a tree stand because you can fix your bow in the optimal place for you to be able to grab it when the time is right. It also allows the hunter to rest their arms when they don’t need the bow in their hands. This prevents arm fatigue and gives you a better chance of hitting your target.

This makes a bow holder very beneficial for hunters as they don’t have to waste time picking up their bow from the floor, loading it and then shooting it. Game animals are often extremely fast and a bow holder can be the difference between a plentiful bounty and embarrassingly empty hands.

Moreover, bow holders can keep your bow at the ready so you can focus on other things such as preparing your other pieces of gear. When you see your prey, you can swiftly reach your bow and shoot it in a matter of seconds.

How do you mount a bow holder to your tree stand?

As we have discussed earlier in our reviews, attaching bow holders is often extremely simple and quick to do. Most won’t require any tools as manufacturers know this will weigh hunters down and that’s exactly what they don’t need, thanks to all the gear they have to carry already. Also, tools are loud which is extremely counterproductive to hunters who want to stay silent around their prey.

Most bow holders are mountable by slotting your tree stand into the clamp and screwing a bolt into it until it’s securely fitted. This can easily be removed after a hunting session and reapplied the next time. These can be tightened as much as you like and keep your bow sturdy ready for your hunt.

A lot of bow holders on the market are compatible with many different bows and tree stands, which makes it easy to find one that’ll work for your existing gear. However, there are some that will work better for you than others, so do a little research beforehand.


And that concludes our deep dive into the world of bow holders for tree stands. Hopefully you’ve learned some valuable information about what to look out for when choosing your holder and maybe even found your newest purchase.

Remember to consider the shape of your bow and tree stand before committing to one, and consider which mounting mechanism would be most beneficial to you. We cannot recommend HME Products Universally Mountable Bow Holder enough, but choose one that will suit your individual preferences and gear best.

All of the bow holders we’ve mentioned above are great picks and will aid you excellently during your hunting adventures. All of them are long lasting and sturdy so you won’t have any unfortunate surprises thanks to broken gear, simply choose the one that most suits your style of tree stand and budget.

All that’s left to do now is pick one and get out there amongst the trees!

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