Best Scale for Weighing Deer

There’s a lot of fun to be had in catching big game, but sometimes it’s even better to be able to show off how much the deer weighed!

There are a number of different ways to figure out the estimated or exact weight of your catch but getting a decent set of deer scales can make it a lot easier to weigh your catch after the kill.

A good deer scale needs to be able to cope with a fair amount of weight quite comfortably without breaking the device, and it needs to be able to provide you with an accurate reading so you’re totally clued up on the size of the deer.

All you need to do is attach the scale to a game lift or pulley system in order to weigh your catch, and away you go!

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There are a lot of different options on the market to choose from, for example an analog scale or a digital, and they all have different capacities for weight that they can handle competently.

So the main question is what models are the ideal choice to accurately weigh your catches?

We’ve made life simple for you and compiled a list of 5 of the best scales for weighing deer that you should consider investing in, and we’ve thoroughly reviewed each item in the process.

Read on to find out more!

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Digital Hanging Scale 660 LB 300 KG Cast Aluminum Case - Professional Heavy Duty Waterproof Fish Scale - Portable Durable Crane Scale for Luggage Weight Suitcase Hunting Farm Bow Fishing Scale
  • Wide Range Of Uses: Versatile, Force gauge, compound bow tension draw weigh, home garage, fishing, hunting, farming, postal shipping. Kgs, lbs, newtons hold modes. Handheld hard hooks. This scale can be a great gift for father's day or dad's birthday. Perfect for weighing Luggage before travelipping. Handheld hard hooks. Kgs, lbs, newtons hold modes. This scale can be a great gift for father's day or dad's birthday. The scale is a great gift idea for him, men, stepfather, dad.
  • High Precision Weight Sensors:1 to 50 200 400 600 660 lb (1kg - 300kg) measuring. Calibrated accuracy of electronic scales can pull max of 660lbs load. Graduation increments of 0.2lb or 0.1kg unlike in other 2000lbs scales.
  • Easy To Use And Handle: Insert batteries, set up pound - kg, hang the hook. Balance crane scale weights animals - pig, hog, deer, buck, fishes over 50lb, 100lb, 600lb (game animal).

Best Scale for Weighing Deer – Comparison Table

Best Scale for Weighing Deer – Reviews

Our Pick

Digital Hanging Scale 660 LB 300 KG Cast Aluminum Case - Professional Heavy Duty Waterproof Fish Scale - Portable Durable Crane Scale for Luggage Weight Suitcase Hunting Farm Bow Fishing Scale

Digital Hanging Scale 660 LB 300 KG Cast Aluminum Case - Professional Heavy Duty Waterproof Fish Scale - Portable Durable Crane Scale for Luggage Weight Suitcase Hunting Farm Bow Fishing Scale
Our rating:

The Modern Step Digital deer weighing scales is by far one of our favorite scales to weigh deer. The scale is made of a very high quality and it’s incredibly easy to use. The scales come with a 2 inch LCD screen. This is pretty large and it doesn’t put any strain on the eyes to read from it.

It even comes with a backlight so that you can read it whether it’s light or dark. The numbers are displayed in white and it’s possible to read them from 10 meters away. It also comes with a tare and auto power off function.

The body of the device is completely stainless steel and aluminum alloy, along with the accompanying hooks and shackle. They’re rather reliable. The device can hold up to 660 lbs total and you don’t need to worry about putting too much on as the scale will flash and alert you if there’s too much weight on it so that it doesn’t overload.

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It can also be used for more than just to weigh your deer. It can also be used to measure the draw weight, tune your bow, and it can be used for most other weighing purposes.

There is a little bit of a problem in that the auto shut off isn’t always that efficient. It can really drain your battery if you forget to turn it off after use as the auto shut off just isn’t reliable, so remember to shut it off!

Aside from the auto shut off, it’s a great piece of kit for weighing your game, and it’s also super easy to read with a quite sizable screen and a decent weight limit.

As far as deer scales go, it’s one of the best choices out there.

  • Good quality, made from durable stainless steel and aluminum alloy built
  • 660 lbs weight limit total
  • Large 2 inch screen that has easy to read white digits from close and at a distance away
  • Auto power off and tare function
  • The auto shut off doesn’t always work properly and doesn’t always turn the device off. Make sure you turn it off manually so you don’t waste any battery power!

Klau Digital Hanging Scale High Precision Sensor 300 Kilogram / 600 Pound Industrial Crane Scale Silver for Farm Factory Hunting Outdoor

Klau Digital Hanging Scale High Precision Sensor 300 Kilogram / 600 Pound Industrial Crane Scale Silver for Farm Factory Hunting Outdoor
Our rating:

The Klau Digital Hanging Scale is pretty impressive as far as its technology is concerned. This scale is able to hold up to 661 lbs without any problems, and it’s got a bunch of extra functions that come with it that are definitely worth your time.

To start with, it has an incredibly large screen sized at 20mm, and it’s also got a backlight to make it easier to see. There are also buttons positioned on the front that allow you to switch between multiple functions, like tare, auto off, manual power off and delay time.

It only requires 2 AA functions to make it run, and these are simply inserted in the back of the device.

It’s a very durable device, created using machined aluminum, and the hooks on top of the scale and the one to hang the meat it made of steel. These are very sturdy and can carry a lot of meat. It’s worth noting that it’s not waterproof but it can resist a little bit of water if need be.

One small issue we have with this device is that on occasion it will zero out when you lift the deer from the ground.

Whilst it works when you first pick it up, it then goes straight back to zero when you heave the full weight back onto it. Unfortunately you’re going to have to lower the meat back down and start from scratch.

It only does this occasionally and other than this, it’s a scale we’re pretty fond of. Though it’s little, it’s still very well made and durable.

The numbers are also clear to read and it has everything that you could possibly need in a scale for weighing deer.

  • Durable and sturdy build made of aluminum with steel attachments
  • Rather large LCD screen that’s easy to read
  • Decent amount of functions
  • Good weight limit of 661 lbs
  • The scale can have a habit of glitching when you weigh

Digital Hanging Scale 300 Kg / 600 LBS Ocs-l Industrial Crane Scale by Horizon Scales

Digital Hanging Scale 300 Kg / 600 LBS Ocs-l Industrial Crane Scale by Horizon Scales
Our rating:

The Horizon Digital Hanging Scale is a little bit similar to the Klau we spoke about above. It can hold up to 660 lbs, or alternatively 300 kg, and it also sports a pretty decently sized LCD screen for you to read the numbers from, measuring at 20mm.

It’s got an exterior casing made of aluminum, and the load receptors and hooks are instead made of steel. It also comes with a tare function, an auto power off option and an automatic and manual hold.

If it wasn’t for the color, you might even mistake this for the same piece of equipment!

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Our biggest problem with this device is that it doesn’t function all that well in extremely hot or cold weather. It can start to become a little slow during these weather conditions, and it can cause the temperature reading to be off by even more than a couple of pounds.

Whilst this is fairly commonplace in some scales, it’s nonetheless frustrating and incredibly inconvenient, especially if you’re weighing outside during the hunting season. Hopefully this can get fixed in the future.

It also does this strange thing, much like the Klau, where it will randomly shut off or zero out when it’s lifting heavier weights.

It’s not the worst option out there by any means. Though, if you’re likely to be working in any kind of cold temperature it may be worth looking for alternative options.

  • LCD screen is large
  • Durable, sturdy build that can hold a lot of weight
  • Tare and auto off function, among others
  • Not as efficient in cold or very hot weather
  • Can sometimes shut off or zero out randomly

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This weighing scale by moultrie is pretty old school. It comes with a very basic luggage hook style scale and a very large dial that’s pretty old fashioned looking. It’s quite easy to read because of this, with a red needle that sticks out against the contrasting white background.

It can measure any game up to 440 lbs total. It’s also quite durable, made of solid steel and coming with 2 S Hooks also made of steel. The gambrel system is included with it to support hind legs, and it hooks directly onto the steel hooks without much hassle.

One of our favorite things about this scale is the sheer simplicity of it. It’s very easy to use with no complicated add ons that take a while to learn to navigate. The gambrel system included with it is also pretty neat and well worth extra money just in and of itself.

Of course there are some issues with the quality. Some users have reported that the adjustment screw will fall out after very few uses which makes it a little bit redundant. The S hooks it comes with aren’t as durable as you would hope for them to be and some users have also said that they will snap after a particularly heavy load.

If you are in the market for a simple, old fashioned scale that doesn’t have any of the crazy new technology of modern scales, then the Moultrie is a pretty good choice for you.

  • Old fashioned but simplistic design
  • Can weigh animals measuring up to 440 lbs total
  • Comes with a gambrel system
  • Not the best quality
No products found.

Mougerk Digital Hanging Scale Portable Heavy Duty Crane Scale 400lb 200kg 2 AAA Batteries(Not Included)

Mougerk Digital Hanging Scale Portable Heavy Duty Crane Scale 400lb 200kg 2 AAA Batteries(Not Included)
Our rating:

This digital scale doesn’t boast quite the capacity of some of the other options on this list, being able to only hold something for a weight of up to 300 lbs total, but it’s still a decent option nonetheless. It also comes with a sensor too, so the device is very accurate.

You can choose from a number of different measurement units so no matter where you’re from you can find a way to make this device work for you. The memory of the device is pretty good so it will remember the unit you choose, so you don’t need to spend long periods of time trying to select the unit before getting on with the task at hand.

It also comes with a fairly large LCD screen with a green colored backlight so it’s quite easy to be able to see it.

You can easily use this device both during the day and night time due to the backlight. It also has an automatic shutdown feature where it will shut down on its own after 120 seconds.

It’s also possible to get a 12 month warranty with it for extra peace of mind after you buy.

  • Large LCD screen with backlight
  • Good memory of units 
  • 12 month warranty
  • Not a massive capacity

Best Scale for Weighing Deer – Buyers Guide

What to Look for When Selecting a Scale for Weighing Deer

Of course, if you’re spending good money on a scale for hunting game, it only makes sense that you buy something that provides good value for money. It’s also important though that the weighing scales can hold the weight of your catch appropriately and that it can accurately tell you what the weight is.

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Here are some things you should keep in mind when you’re looking to buy a deer hanging scale.

Weight Limit

This is probably one of the most important factors to consider. Ideally you need a scale that is able to withstand a lot of weight without it breaking or completely malfunctioning. Some of the cheaper scales on the market are able to hold roughly 400 to 500 pounds of weight, but some can even handle 600 to 700 pounds.

As an investment, it may be worth getting a scale that can hold even as much as a ton, but for hunting deer you don’t really need that much.

You should try to consider how big the game is that you usually try to hunt, and also remember to double check what weight capacity is suggested on each of the scales we’ve listed above before you consider buying them.

Other Types of Game to Catch

We’ve mainly been mindful of how these scales will be used to measure deer, but the majority of these scales can also be used for a wide range of other large game.

You need to be confident that what you’re buying is able to comfortably hold the weight of your game, and that it can actually show the weight accurately for the larger game if you intend to use it for more than just deer.

Durability and Build

You should consider models that are made with things such as a metal casting and body as plastic models can have a habit of being built cheaply so they’re unable to handle the weight of your game.

You should ensure that the scale you purchase is able to withstand a lot of weight and one that comes with things like steel attachment hooks and hardware. We promise in the long run that you’ll be much happier and glad to have spent the money on something that will last.

Digital Vs Analog – Features and Displays

It’s possible to choose between purchasing either an analog scale or a digital scale that has more features. Analog weighing scales which usually are a little more traditional in design with only a needle and dial to read the weight, whereas digital scales tend to sport an LCD screen.

It’s usually easier to see the precise number using an LCD screen but you should make sure you choose one that has a large screen and that is backlit. You should be able to see it properly in both the darkness and when it’s light outside.

Usually digital scales will also have more features than you’ll find with an analog scale too. Some will have things such as tare functions to calculate the weight of any hardware and containers, holding features and delay.

While these are handy to have you don’t absolutely have to have them if you’d rather an analog scale.

Why should I use a good deer weighing scale?

In the event that you’re not specifically hunting large deer or elk, portable scales are still pretty useful to have in your hunting bag for any outdoors trip. With that being said we know you’d buy a pair of weighing scales like this for the purpose of weighing game out in the field. It’s possible that the perfect catch could catch you completely off guard and it’s the best catch of your life!

While you can take photos of the catch to show off to other people, nothing is quite as good as having a number to quantify your achievements.

Also, if you’re keen on keeping track of your catches using a hunting journal to document all of your greatest hunting achievements through time, being able to weigh the game with a decent pair of weighing scales is vital.

Of course you also want to be able to weigh the game while you’re still out in the woods before it gets cleaned or gutted, and before it needs to be taken away. The scales don’t just have to be used to weigh elk or deer, they can even be used for other animals like birds and fish.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – our choices for the best deer weighing scales on the market. We highly recommend the Modern Step Digital Hunting Scale, as it has a super sturdy steel and alloy body, a large 2 inch LCD screen that’s got very bright text that you can read even from a distance, and a 660 lb weight limit.

It works very well even after a lot of use, and its measurements are very accurate. It’s also pretty versatile! If you did want something less expensive there are a few others on this list that do the job really well, and though they don’t quite have the same bang for their buck they can still hold a decent amount of weight.

All of the above are excellent choices and will be more than suitable for you to weigh your deer. Why not get one and try it for yourself?

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