Best Scent Killer for Hunting

Wondering why you should get yourself a scent killer? Well, to put it simply: you carry a scent!

Though you have probably never noticed it yourself, deers most definitely will because they have a heightened sense of smell (and other animals, too) and if you’re in the same area as a deer or other animal you are targeting, your scent will travel through the air, all the way to their sensitive noses.

If this happens and an animal can detect your smell while out on a hunting trip, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to stay far away from you.

So, what do you do? Buy a scent killer! By masking your natural odor with a little help from a scent blocker, you will be able to remain as undetectable as possible to other animals, which will ensure that you can get a clean, successful shot.

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If you’re serious about deer and game hunting, then odor elimination has to be a priority.

Deer have such a good sense of smell that ​they can pick ​up your scent miles away before you get anywhere near them which will scare them and end up making the whole hunt a waste of time.

To help you out, we’ve spent some time picking out the best scent killers on the market before you part ways with your hard earned money. We’ve rounded up five of the best options below, as well as creating a handy buyer’s guide area to make sure you’re a scent killer pro.

Ready? Let’s begin!

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Wildlife Research Scent Killer 1259 Gold 24/24 Combo, 48 oz.
  • Brand New & Original! Gear For Your Next Hunting Day!
  • Hunt Dry Technology
  • Prevents new odors from forming

Best Scent Killer for Hunting – Comparison Table

Best Scent Killer for Hunting – Reviews

Our Pick

Wildlife Research Scent Killer 1259 Gold 24/24 Combo, 48 oz.

Wildlife Research Scent Killer 1259 Gold 24/24 Combo, 48 oz.
Our rating:

The first scent killer worthy of mention is the Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Spray by Wildlish Research. When it comes to masking a scent, it’s safe to say that this spray is as good as it gets! 

Wondering why? Well, it’s been tried and tested and found to be 99% effective at blocking human odors even 10-20 days after the formula has dried after undergoing tests at Rutgers University which we think is seriously impressive.

You can use it both wet and dry, while its innovative and powerful formula packed to the brim with advanced odor fighting ingredients will be able to effectively mask all different types of odors and strengths.

Made for convenience, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s also extremely easy to use! All you have to do is spray it onto your hunting gear before your trip begins. Once applied, it will immediately get to work in masking your scent, drying gradually over time.

It works best on your hunting clothing and any other gear you plan on bringing along with you (such as a decoy), that might hold your scent and result in your targets detecting you, although we don’t recommend spraying it directly onto your skin!

Our verdict? This is our favorite overall. As far as aerosol scent killers go, this is a pretty impressive one to say the least. It can be sprayed upside down,  lasts a long time, and comes from a well-known and reputable outdoor brand, while also offering complete ease of use.

If that hasn’t sold you, this duo package also comes complete with a handy refill bottle, so you’ll be able to enjoy many months  worth of scent blocking.

  • Very long lasting proven to be 99% effective even after 10 to 20 days)
  • Easy to use
  • Works on wet or dry
  • It is an aerosol which some may not like

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Our rating:
No products found.

Though different to the Wildlife Research Gold Spray (which is an aerosol that can be applied directly onto your gear and hunting clothing), the Boneview Ozone Generator is just as powerful in masking a scent.

It works by cleverly releasing ozone, which is able to kill odor-inducing bacteria found in oils. Smoke and more importantly: human sweat! All you have to do is place it inside your hunting bag or your coat pocket where it will begin to slowly release ozone to destroy your scent, as well as any other odors that may be lurking around on your clothes and other hunting gear.

If you’re wondering what animals it can be used on,it can be used for just about any animal with a strong sense of smell, however it is worth noting that it has been specifically designed with mule deer, bear, elk and whitetail deer in mind. It consists of 3 ozone ports for maximum efficacy, while a one-button design makes turning it on and off easy as can be. It is also powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

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As a safety note, we think it’s important to highlight the potential risks of using this particular scent killer. Though extremely effective and given the seal of approval of many hunters worldwide, it’s important to be aware that breathing in ozone can be problematic in the long run for your lungs.

However, to combat this issue, it is recommended that if used, you place it inside your hunting bag or wrap it up carefully inside your clothes, so you do not directly breathe it in.

Another aspect to note is functionality. Though it’s a very powerful scent killer, it is by no means a low maintenance option. it doesn’t work like a spray (a scent blocker spray can be applied before every hunt, working the whole time and usually lasting for days after).

If you pick an ozone odor killer, you will have to use this device at all times, with many hunters finding they have to use it pre and post hunt to really see the benefits.  

Regardless, this is an excellent option for those who do not like to use aerosols and the performance is really impressive. It even comes with a rechargeable battery.

  • Highly effective at masking your smell
  • No aerosols
  • A rechargeable battery
  • Quite affordable
  • Ozone can pose health risks
  • Must be used before and after each hunting trip
  • If you begin to sweat during a hunt, it will not be able to mask this
No products found.

Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Bar Soap

Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Bar Soap
Our rating:

This formula is so good we had to mention it twice! The same as the aerosol spray in the alternative form of a soap, the Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Bar is worthy of your consideration.

So, what makes it different to the spray? Well, instead of directly applying it to your hunting gear, all you have to do is use it like you would any other soap while cleaning yourself.

Once it comes into contact with your skin, this powerful odor blocking soap will instantly get to work in eliminating your scent and any odour you’re carrying about while also cleaning away any dirt and debris. What’s not to love?  It will even offer an effective layer of scent-blocking for up to a day after you use it.

Tried and tested by many hunters worldwide and a bestseller, this soap is excellent value for money and will effectively mask your scent without leaving your skin feeling tight or uncomfortable.

However, to get the very best results, it is recommended that you only use this soap during the months that you plan on hunting in order to ensure that no other formulas, soaps or fragrances interfere with the efficacy of the Gold Bar Soap.

If you go for this option, be very mindful not to get it into your eyes as it will sting! Plus, similar to the ozone blocker, you’ll find that it won’t do much by way of protection against any sweat you build up while out on the hunting trip.

Rather, this scent-eliminating soap is intended to work as an additional layer, so it could wear off if you find yourself sweating. For this reason, you’ll probably get the best results if you combine it with the spray, for example.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a scent-blocking soap that will be able to deeply clean and target the root of the smell, you’ll love this soap. It’s great value for money, deep cleaning and will prepare you for a day out in the woods.

  • Can be used as a normal soap
  • Targets the root cause of an odor
  • It won’t leave your skin feeling tight or uncomfortable
  • It will sting your eyes if it comes into contact with them
  • For best results, it will need to be paired with a spray

Elimishield HUNT Scent Elimination Field Spray For Hunters, Scent Free Formula, Single

Elimishield HUNT Scent Elimination Field Spray For Hunters, Scent Free Formula, Single
Our rating:

Another powerplayer in the scent killer industry, the Elimination Hunt Scent Killing Spray is a bestseller for a reason. 


This highly effective spray is able to neutralize any existing orders through six chemical processes that will work to reduce them into odorless salts. Once applied to your hunting gear, it’s efficacious formula is able to immediately bond to all types of fabrics, rubber and other materials in order to provide long-lasting protection against odor. 

Wondering what makes it just so good? The star ingredient – 5150C Molecule – is able to control human body odor before it develops by quickly and mechanically killing any and all types of odor causing bacteria rather than just masking it.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, this scent-masking spray is also able to protect your hunting gear from souring during storage and will be able to stop mold, fungus and mildew from developing.

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It’s also super easy to use! All you need to do is spray directly onto your clothing and any other hunting gear you plan on bringing along with you for immediate odor-neutralization.

After just one single use, this spray will be able to offer protection for up to 45 days.

  • It will not stain your clothing
  • Environmentally safe
  • Great value for money
  • Can be used for pet and skunk odor
  • Some users have stated that the bottle is too small

Scent Killer Gold Unscented Deodorant and Antiperspirant for Hunting Scent Control

Scent Killer Gold Unscented Deodorant and Antiperspirant for Hunting Scent Control
Our rating:

If you’re after a scent-killing product that will specifically target your underarms and work to lift away odors deep down below the skin’s surface, this is a great option for you

Completely unscented, this antiperspirant/deodorant features the same scent-blocking formula as the other scent killer products we have featured in this list,  however this particular deodorant can be directly applied to your underarms to target any odor in that area while offering long-lasting protection.

Low maintenance and fuss-free, you can use this just like you would any other deodorant before you start your day. All you have to do is twist up the formula using the convenient push up design and then apply it directly to your underarms after washing.

In order to get the very best out of this product, we strongly suggest creating a two step routine and combining it with the Scent Killer Gold bar soap (and even the spray if you really want to go all out), and then putting on this deodorant before heading off into the woods. 

As far as complaints go, there aren’t many except for the fact that some find that it can wear off quite quickly and that due to the twist up design, sometimes the top can stick to the cap which can make a mess and also make it difficult to use.

The solution to this potential problem is easy, though: just make sure you twist it down properly after each use.

Our verdict? Though it might not be strong enough on its own to keep your scent masked for an entire hunting trip, it is an excellent step in your odor-killing routine (especially when used in conjunction with other products in this list)  that will offer a good layer of protection, help you to feel clean and also ensure that any buildup deep down below the skin is targeted and lifted away.

  • Unscented
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Very affordable
  • Protects against odor and wetness
  • Doesn’t last long on it’s own
  • The twist up design can be problematic

Best Scent Killer for Hunting – Buyers Guide

Now you’ve read our roundup, you’ll be aware that there are quite a few different varieties of scent blockers and eliminators out there on the market for hunting.

When it comes to picking the right one for you, you’ll need to consider what type of animals you plan on hunting, what textures you like (or don’t like) and what level of odor-masking strength you are looking to achieve.

To help you in this choice, we’ve covered the different types available to you below:


When it comes to scent-killers, sprays are the most common types available to you on the market. They are usually the most effective and are designed to be applied directly onto your hunting gear and clothes, bonding with the fabric in order to both kill and neutralize your scent.

They can last anywhere from a few hours to a great number of days before needing to be reapplied (the higher quality sprays will last for at least 20 days before needing to be reapplied).

Ozone Emitters

Though this is a less common option to a spray, an ozone emitter is an alternative choice that is able to effectively neutralize scent, just like the BoneView Ozone we featured above!

As a safety precaution, you will need to make sure that you wrap it carefully inside your clothing or conceal it away into your hunting bag to reduce any chances of it posing a health risk before each one of your hunting trips.

It is also worth noting that these devices are only effective at masking whatever scent is already present, so if you begin to sweat while out on your hunting trip this type of scent-killer will be unable to mask new scents from being detectable to animals.

Deodorants and Soaps

Another option available to you are deodorants and soaps. These work just like your everyday go-tos, and work to wash away your sweat and minimize your scent while also working to stop you from sweating again. For the very best results, you’ll see the best benefits if you create a ‘scent-killing routine’ and use a deodorant or soap in conjunction with other scent-killing products, like a spray.

How Do All of These Odor Blockers Products Work?

The answer very much depends on what type of odor blocker product you decide to go for (such as a spray, soap, ​detergent or ozone emitter). No matter what, we all produce odor so if you plan on hunting, some type of scent-killing protection is necessary.

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Some scent-killing products are designed to target the root cause of an odor while offering a deep clean, such as a scent-killing soap.

Others are designed to mask smells and odors that are present on your body instead of stopping them from forming, while others types are great for minimizing the scent on your hunting clothes.

For this reason, sprays tend to be the most popular choice as they tend to be the most effective in masking scents for the longest amount of time.

Some of the more expensive products can even kill bacteria that can cause an odor before one even develops. It all depends on your preference and what you are looking for.

Be Aware: ​There’s no Such Thing as a Completely Odorless hunt!

Although we can do our best to minimize our scent and to manage it as best as possible while out hunting, there’s no ​guarantee that any of these choices will work entirely – though they will offer a really high level of odor-reducing protection.

Sometimes circumstances will dictate and you’ll find that external factors such as an increase in temperature of the strength of the wind will interfere with the efficacy of these formulas.

Can These ​Scent Eliminators be Used for Deer Hunting?

Absolutely! Every scent eliminator that we have mentioned above has been designed for deer hunting, though they can also be used for other types of hunting such as bears and coyotes. As always, we recommend checking what types of animals these products are suitable to be used for before making a purchase. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

It’s common knowledge that​ a deer’s sense of smell is the most effective way they are able to protect themselves from danger. So, for this reason, it’s vital that you have some sort of scent protection in place to ensure that you have a successful hunting trip.

As a side note, one reason why you should consider a scent-killer is due to the wind. If the wind is blowing towards your potential deer or game and you aren’t wearing a scent-killing product, the deer will be able to detect you and you will instantly lose out on some big catches.

What Smells and Odors Can ​The Scent Killers Eliminate or Block?

As a general rule of thumb, it should go without saying that a good odor eliminator ​should ​be able to effectively minimize your scent enough to allow you to remain as undetectable as possible while out hunting.

If you’re stuck on where to start, the three most important areas you should focus on minimizing your scent are:

  • Your ​Clothing – Your clothes are a telltale giveaway to deer or any other game, especially as they can harbour and pick up all types of different odors, not just your own. In our opinion, the best approach to take to combat this is to use one of the sprays we have reviewed above as they have each been proven to be highly effective in masking your clothing for many days.
  • Your Hunting Gear – Believe it or not, your hunting gear is one of the easiest ways an animal can detect you (this is because you constantly touch and handle your gear). To ensure a successful hunting trip, we recommend dowsing all of your hunting gear in a scent killer spray in order to neutralize any odor present.
  • Your Body – ​Last but certainly not least, your body! This is the most important area to target as this is where odor develops. It’s completely natural to sweat when you are hot, so you need to take some action to neutralize your scent while also preventing any new odors from developing. Any type of scent killer suitable to be used on your skin will do. If you do decide to go with a soap option, ​all you have to do is apply it to your body while bathing or showering (exactly how you would a normal bar of soap). Another option is a deodorant or antiperspirant which can be applied to under your arms which will work to target the root cause of a scent while offering a level of protection against any new scents that form. As we have mentioned above, you’ll get the most effective results when you combine these products together, especially with the help of a spray to finish it off!

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read this article, we’re hoping that you’ve not only found your new favorite scent killer (or perhaps more than one?) but that you have also gained some insight into why a scent killer is an important and beneficial step to your hunting experience.

If you’re stuck on what to pick, our favorite product is the Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold spray as we love how easy it is to use and how effective it is in masking an odor.

To ensure the best results, we also strongly recommend creating a step by step scent-killing routine with the products listed above. In order to make sure you remain as undetectable as possible out on the hunt, we suggest washing yourself with the Scent Killer Gold bar soap, applying the Scent Killer Gold deodorant, and then sealing the deal by applying the Scent Gold Killer Spray directly to your hunting clothes and gear.

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