What Does it Mean When You See a Blue Jay?

If you spot a small bird with white and blue feathers, then there’s a good chance you’ve just seen a Blue Jay. Famed for their vocal range and singing abilities, Blue Jays are able to uncannily mimic other birdsong and can even imitate human voices!

The characteristics mainly associated with the Blue Jay are curiousness and ferocity, and they have also been noted for their aggressive behavior and sheer determination. Some people also believe that the Blue Jay is associated with an honest personality.

It’s for these reasons that many see this little bird as a powerful spirit animal, and believe that there are humans that have inherited these traits from the Blue Jay. These people refer to themselves as ‘Blue Jay People’, and generally seen as protective, intelligent and adaptable.

Blue Jay People also believe that, upon spotting a Blue Jay, it has come to deliver a message of great importance, and certainly one that might play a crucial part in their future.

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The Spirit Animal

There are several things that make people believe that the Blue Jay is their spirit animal, and the first of these is their aggression and their need to protect. Although small in size, Blue Jays are seen as fearless birds that don’t hesitate to act when it comes to protecting their nest, their young and themselves.

For this reason many believe that if you have a Blue Jay as your spirit animal, then there’s also no need for you to fear anything either. As spirit animals, Blue Jays are thought to protect you and help you conquer your biggest obstacles, whether they be at home or at work.

Another trait associated with Blue Jays is loyalty, and anybody with a Blue Jay as their spirit animal is believed to be an extremely loyal person. Blue Jay People tend to have relationships that last for a very long time, no matter if they are friends, family or romantic engagements.

If your spirit animal is a Blue Jay, you’re also believed to be an excellent communicator. This comes from the Blue Jay’s incredible vocal abilities, so you’re likely to be confident when it comes to talking to other people, and may even have a job that requires good communication skills.


is another characteristic found in people with the Blue Jay as their spirit animal. This doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily able to contort yourself into strange positions, but instead means that you’re able to look at any situation and use it to your advantage.

If a Blue Jay has manifested itself as your spirit animal, then the chances are that you’re an extremely intelligent individual as well, who is able to learn new things quickly.

The most common trait associated with Blue Jays, however, is curiosity. This stems from their ability to feel no fear, meaning that they can dive straight into situations without worrying about the outcome. With a Blue Jay as your spirit animal, you’re also likely to be an inquisitive person who wants to know everything happening around you, and isn’t scared to try new things.

Blue Jay Symbolism

With so many traits and characteristics, it only makes sense that the Blue Jay is commonly used in symbolism. These symbols come with both positive and negative connotations, and how you decide to interpret them is dependent on your current circumstances.

For instance, you may choose to view the symbolism of ferocity as either a reminder to be more assertive around a certain project, or as a warning that you need to prepare yourself for an emotional fight ahead.

Determination, protection, curiosity, communication, intelligence, endurace, and energy are all symbols that are associated with the Blue Jay as a spirit animal.

A Blue jay can also symbolize honesty, clarity and a clear vision in life and, again, however you choose to interpret and incorporate these symbols into your present or future circumstances will be unique to you.

Interpretation of a Blue Jay in your Dreams

The above symbols can all help you understand what it means if a Blue Jay appears in your dreams and, as with a message from a Jay, these can be interpreted in thousands of ways, both positively and negatively. Although, ultimately, the interpretation of a dream that features a Blue Jay will depend on the things that happened in the dream itself.

The most common interpretation of seeing a Blue Jay in your dreams is that you need to spend more time focusing on other people, and concentrate on your own life. It also means that you need to concentrate less on what you assume others think of you, and focus on what’s right for you.

For example, seeing a single Blue Jay in your dreams could mean that you are feeling confident about the way things are going in your life, or it could be a warning that you’re being a bit arrogant. It may also mean that you’ve overlooked something of great importance, allowing you the opportunity to make sure everything in your life is as on track as possible.

Some people believe that seeing a flock of Blue Jays in your dreams means that, although you may feel confident, you’re actually being supported by an unseen network. It could also mean that you’re going to be partaking in a group project, or thinking and behaving in the same way as your peers.

Hearing a Blue Jay in your dreams, but not being able to see one, could suggest that you need to tread more carefully around current situations in your life, or that there could be a hidden ‘key’ that may help you with a plan you’re undertaking. However, if the dream had a negative energy around it, then hearing a Blue Jay could indicate that you are in danger.

Spotting a Blue Jay

As we’ve discussed, a sighting of a Blue Jay (whether in real life or in a dream) symbolizes many different things, however what message the bird is trying to convey to you is entirely dependent on how you choose to interpret it. And, more importantly, the way that you choose to act upon this message depends on the interpretation you have decided upon.

The most common meaning behind a Blue Jay’s visit is that you’re a loyal, trustworthy person. This can serve as a great reminder in moments of self doubt, and will help you with making some tough decisions that you may be dealing with.

A Blue Jay sighting could also mean that you could be in danger, and acts as a warning to make sure you’re protecting yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in physical danger, but could be about to face some tough times emotionally, and that you should prepare yourself for this mentally.

Ultimately, however, the meaning behind seeing a Blue Jay is up to how you decide to see these symbols. If you’re a positive person, then you may choose to believe that spotting a Blue Jay is only going to bring you good energy. However, if you’re more of a pessimist then you may choose to interpret these symbols negatively.

Whichever way you choose to interpret the symbolization and meaning behind a visit from a Blue Jay, one thing is certain – you’re being forewarned about a change of circumstances in your life, and are being reminded to prepare and protect yourself accordingly.

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  1. I Thanks This Was Very Helpful I Share With You Because I Spotted A Blue Jay While I Was Out On My Porch Having Morning Worship An A Beautiful Blue Jay Appeared In My Front Yard I Was So Surprised I Was Shock I Didn’t Get A Picture I Watch Him Flew Out The Tree To The Ground By My Room Window Then Up In The Tree He Went. So I Knew It Symbolize An Had A Meaning Behind Blue Jay Bird Reading About The Blue Jay Being Call Into Teaching As A Pastor The Info

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