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Tree stands are popular pieces of hunting equipment, especially for game hunters who have to deal with skittish and smart prey.

Sitting high among the trees can be a great way to remain concealed from your target’s eye line, however, it can also be a great way to get soaked through thanks to a sudden rain shower. 

To avoid having to sit in dripping wet clothes for the remainder of your hunting trip, you could either use a hunting blind or a tree stand umbrella.

While blinds give you the most protection and keep you hidden behind camouflaged material, they’re often difficult to set up and some models don’t even come with roofs, which renders it useless in protecting you from the elements.

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On the other hand, tree stand umbrellas can offer protection from both the sun and rain, and they’re often much easier to set them up than blinds.

Most models can be folded down and therefore very portable, which is a big advantage to hunters who often have a large amount of equipment to carry, to begin with.

Alternatively, you could even use a tree stand umbrella alongside a hunting blind to ensure you’re covered from every angle. 

To make sure you’re getting a high-quality model, you’re going to want to look at the material used to make it, the waterproof rating, how much noise it makes, how easy it is to transport and set up, and whether it protects you from wind or not.

Below we’ll be looking at the top four models on the market, along with the benefits of using tree stand umbrellas and a buyers guide.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Ameristep Treestand Hub Umbrella, Multi, One Size (4RXT046)
  • 48" square 6 ft. deep
  • High wind tie downs
  • Fits 2 people

Best Tree Stand Umbrella – Comparison Table

Best Tree Stand Umbrella – Reviews

Our Pick

Ameristep Treestand Hub Umbrella, Multi, One Size (4RXT046)

Ameristep Treestand Hub Umbrella, Multi, One Size (4RXT046)
Our rating:

It would be difficult to know anything about the tree stand market and not have heard Ameristep’s name come up once or twice.

It is known for designing and creating a number of impressive tree stands and accessories which are all of premium quality, and the Magnum Hunting Blind Umbrella is no different.

This model measures in at 48-inch square 6 foot deep, so it is more than large enough to cover two people. 

You can keep it secured by using the attached ties to prevent it from getting caught by the wind, which is a likely fate considering it weighs a mere 3.1 pounds.

While this is one of the more expensive models on our list, the fact that it’s made by Ameristep cushions the blow a little bit. 

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this tree stand umbrella is how much coverage it offers from the elements. The fabric is durable and reliable, and it can fit a treestand that houses two people.

When we say durable, we mean it as all weathers are a simple afterthought with this umbrella. No matter, rain, snow, or wind, you’ll barely even notice under this model. 

If you attach it to your tree stand properly, you can rest assured that this umbrella will stay put for hours at a time thanks to the strong and secure ties.

The carry bag that’s included with your purchase is also lightweight and proves very handy when you’re carrying all your gear too and from your hunting spot. 

Although there are a lot of benefits to this model, there are also a few drawbacks. The first is the setup can be more difficult than other alternatives that you can find on the market.

The other setback is that you may find the material to be slightly noisy when it comes into contact with rain and wind. It may perform well at protecting you from these elements, it may work too well at protecting your target from you and you may find that it scares away your prey. 

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To sum up, this is a good tree stand umbrella that can keep you safe and dry in all weathers.

You can cover a two-person tree stand with this model, and the high-quality is obviously built to last. If you think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, then you cannot go wrong with the Ameristep Caretaker Magnum Hunting Blind Umbrella.

We’d recommend this model if you need a large umbrella to cover more than just yourself.

  • Built to last.
  • You can use it to keep two people protected.
  • It’s very effective in keeping you covered from harsh weather conditions.
  • Portable thanks to the lightweight and carry bag.
  • Well designed.
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Quite difficult to get set up.
  • Higher price point.
  • This model can be noisy in windy or rainy conditions.

Muddy Universal Umbrella

Muddy Universal Umbrella
Our rating:

This hub-style tree stand umbrella works well with most treestands, and it offers 48 square-inches of coverage. All you have to do to set it up is wrap two straps around the tree you’re using with your stand, positioning the straps tight to ensure a secure fit.

There are added straps to attach to your treestand to keep it in place during winds, and therefore it will give you some protection from windy weather.

These are meant to be attached to the center of your treestand, however, users have found it works better if you attach them to the corners. 

You can use this treestand umbrella to cover two people, however, you’ll get a lot more coverage and probably be more comfortable if you were only using this for one person.

The material is thin and the whole umbrella only weighs 2-pounds, and you’ll get a carry bag along with this model for easy transportation. 

That being said, some of the users have complained that the straps are a little too short to attach it effectively to all trees.

Moreover, while the top of the umbrella adopts a camouflage pattern, the underside is simply black. As your target is likely to be below you on the ground, you may find that they spot the black underside and get spooked away from you. 

Altogether, this is a versatile option that works with almost all treestands and can cover one or two people. It is easy to set up and take down and offers easy transportation.

The only downside is that the inside isn’t camouflaged, which may cause a slight problem every now and again. 

  • Good in winds.
  • Very portable.
  • Has eyelets attached so you can use it with a tree stand blind.
  • Straps are a little short.
  • The underside of the umbrella is not camouflaged.

Allen Company Vanish Instant Roof Tree Stand Umbrella - Large Umbrella with Realtree Edge Camo - Durable and Portable Hunting Umbrella - Hunting Gear and Accessories - 57" W

Allen Company Vanish Instant Roof Tree Stand Umbrella - Large Umbrella with Realtree Edge Camo - Durable and Portable Hunting Umbrella - Hunting Gear and Accessories - 57' W
Our rating:

The next model we’ll be looking at is made by Allen Company and sized very generously at 57 inches wide. This means you can easily protect one person with this umbrella, however, you’ll need more than one if you’re going to be bringing along some friends.

The versatility of this model is impressive and you can mount it onto almost any tree with the included mounts.

You’ll also receive a carry bag to make the model more portable to make your job of carrying all your gear a lot easier. 

The most prominent stand out feature of this tree stand umbrella is how easy it is to set up and transport to and from your hunting spot. It is also inexpensive, which leads us to our first drawback.

The material is not the most durable and it’s quite flimsy when in use. You won’t have any issues in a rainstorm, but you may find it less than adequate in strong winds. 

Having said that, this model is not made for strong winds and if you’re looking for a model to use in these conditions, you’re better off looking at other alternatives on our list. 

Overall, this is a reasonable model with an attractive price point, which is easy to set up and use straight away.

You’ll get some protection from minor weather conditions, however, it is not the best umbrella to use in storms and tornadoes.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive model that is going to offer you basic protection, this is an ideal tree stand umbrella for you.

  • Decent coverage for rain or light snow.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Very portable.
  • Easy to set up and pack away.
  • Rather flimsy.
  • Doesn’t offer any protection from wind.
  • The material used to make it isn’t of the highest quality.

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Guide Gear Tree Stand Umbrella, Hunting Accessories for Deer Stands, Deluxe, Water-Resistant, Steel Frame

Guide Gear Tree Stand Umbrella, Hunting Accessories for Deer Stands, Deluxe, Water-Resistant, Steel Frame
Our rating:

Gear Guide is another brand that makes high-quality hunting gear and outdoor equipment. While this is one of the more basic and inexpensive models on our list, it is still very reliable and offers the user reasonable protection from rain and snow.

This umbrella’s dimensions are 37 x 44 inches, and the frame is made of durable steel. 

The biggest benefit of this model is that it is very easy to set up and the price point is generously low. You can put up and take down this model in a breeze, although we suggest you purchase some additional straps to make it more secure.

There’s nothing bad to say about the quality of this model – it’s sturdy and has a long lifespan. Considering the low price, these features are all the more impressive.

Having said that, there are a few setbacks that come with such a low price. You’ll find that this umbrella is not as secure as some of the other models on this list, and it can feel a little daunting when under the pressure of high winds.

The roof lies completely flat which allows water and debris to collect on top of it instead of falling off. 

This model is also rather heavy and isn’t made for transportation often, rather a permanent fixed umbrella. Because of the flimsy feeling to this model, we’d suggest looking at other models if you want protection from strong winds.

The ​Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand Umbrella just isn’t up to this task. 

To conclude, this model is a good option if you’re on a budget and are only looking for basic protection. If you’re happy with a model that needs to be permanently fixed onto a tree or your stand, this is a decent model to go for. 

  • Very easy to set up and pack away before and after use.
  • It offers the hunter basic protection from light weather.
  • Super inexpensive.
    • Not made of the best quality materials.
    • Isn’t very effective in strong winds.
    • The roof isn’t arched so water doesn’t fall off of it very well.
  • It cannot be transported around very easily and is more of a permanent alternative.

Best Tree Stand Umbrella – Buyers Guide


When you’re hunting, any minute sound could scare your target off. This is why you want to be as quiet as possible and use gear that makes almost no sound, either.

This is the same for your tree stand umbrella, and as it is a large piece of thin material, you’re going to want to keep rustling in the wind to a minimum. 


You should choose the size of your umbrella depending on the size of your tree stand, as well as how many people you need to cover. You don’t want to all have to squeeze under one small cover – you need enough room to stretch your arms out properly to get the most out of your hunt.

You should also think about the size of the tree you’re planning on attaching it too, to make sure it will fit properly. Moreover, consider whether you want your umbrella to protect you from overhead, or rather something a little bigger to give you more of a full-body protection. 

That’s a lot of questions that need to be answered, however, making sure you remember all your answers when choosing your umbrella will give you the best chance of finding your ideal tree stand umbrella. 

Material Quality

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your new tree stand umbrella is the quality of the material. You’re going to need the material to be durable and reliable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions without faltering under the pressure and leaving you with no protection in a rainstorm. 

Don’t forget to check the waterproof rating of the material, as what’s the point of an umbrella that lets rain seep through?

Moreover, check the comments to see if anyone has had any issues with their model in strong winds. This type of gear commonly finds harsh wind the most difficult weather to withstand, so it’s important that you check user testimonies. 

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The price of all the models we’ve looked at above doesn’t differ greatly, and all the options on the market seem to be competitively priced around one another.

This is a plus as you don’t have to worry too much about making a budget, as most models are already budget-friendly and won’t cost much at all. 

Just bear in mind that you’ll need to check the features of whichever model you choose so that you know what you’re getting for the price.

There’s no use choosing a model with a slightly higher price point if you’re actually getting less features than less expensive models, and you don’t want to get caught out in this respect. 

Easy Setup and Take Down

Hauling all of your gear to your hunting space, setting up your treestand, and climbing onto the stand only to find out that it’s going to take you another hour to set up your umbrella is not going to be the ideal scenario for your hunting trip.

You’d think that all tree stand umbrellas would be easy to set up, and you’d find yourself in the same position as countless other hunters who have made the same mistake. 

It is important to check customer testimonials to see whether anyone has had any problems with the set up of that particular model before purchasing it yourself.

Moreover, it is worth practicing the set up at home a few times before your trip, so you’re not stuck out in the woods not knowing what to do. 

Similarly, you don’t want to be stuck trying to take down a tree stand umbrella, either, so check for customer complaints on this as well.

The last thing you want after a long day hunting is to spend all night trying to pack everything away, right? 


Hunting gear isn’t light, and the amount you often need to carry with you can quickly add up and cause a big backache a few days after your trip.

You don’t want to add any unnecessary weight on top of this, so make sure you check the weight of the models you’re looking at beforehand. 

Moreover, check the dimensions of each model when packed away. The last thing you need is a tree stand umbrella that is so big and bulky that it needs two hands to be carried, so steer clear from these options. 

Some umbrellas come with carry bags, and this is how you distinguish between the models that are designed to be carried around easily and the models that are better being kept still in one place.

While not all portable models come with carry bags, it is a good idea to choose one that comes with a bag to help you as much as possible. 

Pros and Cons of Tree Stand Umbrellas

They’re inexpensive

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Tree stand umbrellas are very inexpensive due to their thin material and simple designs.

You can buy one model for as little at $20 and still be using it three seasons later, so the little investment is well worth it in our eyes. 

For something that is going to provide you with more comfort and protection with such a small price tag, we’d go as far as to say that this is an investment that every tree stand owner should make. 

They can protect you from harsh weather conditions

One of the more obvious benefits is that the umbrellas protect you from the harsh elements, such as rain, snow, or wind.

As long as you buy a high-quality model, you should remain warm and dry throughout your whole hunt, no matter what the weather throws at you. 

They offer camouflaged cover

Hunting is all about remaining concealed and out of sight from your target. You didn’t think hunters spread mud over their faces for the fun of it, did you? Hunting umbrellas offer another layer of camouflage to prevent you from being spotted and losing your shot, which is a nice plus.

Moreover, it means that you don’t have to wear a hat on hotter days, so you won’t become too uncomfortable. 

Final Say

And there we have it! We hope you have a better idea of the different tree stand umbrellas that you can find on the market now, along with the benefits of them.

While bad weather can actually be an asset for hunters, it can really diminish the mood when you have to spend the rest of the day soaked through.

For this reason, and the fact that they’re so inexpensive, we would recommend getting a tree stand umbrella for all your hunting trips, just in case you run into some bad weather. 

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