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We’re guessing that, considering the fact that you’re here, you’re considering getting a mud seat for marsh hunting, right? If you are going out duck hunting then you’re more than likely going to find yourself camping in some mud or shallow water, which is where the ducks are.

You may not want to spend the whole day standing in the marshes, in which case you’ll want to find something you can sit on comfortably that’s also reliable. 

Of course, the answer to this is to get a decent mud seat. A decent one will be lightweight, easy to carry around from spot to spot when you’re hunting waterfowl and ducks and it should be portable.

It should also be comfortable for you to sit on, be rigid when you place it into the mud to give you the ideal shot, and you should be able to adjust it to the optimum height.

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Is this something you want to take for a spin? Thankfully we’re one step ahead and have picked out some of the best marsh seats you’re able to buy right now.

Have a look at our top picks and find out why we’ve chosen them for this reviews list. 

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
Avery Marsh Seat-MAX5
  • Built with rust-proof fluted aluminum
  • Retractable marsh feet
  • Adjusts from 27 to 37 inches

 Best Marsh Seat Reviews – Comparison Table

 Best Marsh Seat Reviews – Reviews

Our Pick

Avery Marsh Seat-MAX5

Avery Marsh Seat-MAX5
Our rating:

The Avery Marsh Steel Realtree Max 5 Camo marsh seat is a fantastic choice, and is actually much lighter and smaller than the ALPS Outdoorz model listed below. The seat is made in the USA using Aluminum and it only weighs 4 pounds total.

Much like the ALPS, it has two side feet and this helps to stabilize it in the mud so that it doesn’t sink into it. It can range from 27” to 37” tall. It has a padded seat that helps to give extra comfort, and when it’s not being used you can fold it straight down flat along with the shaft.

The seat also comes with an additional Duramax seat cover that helps to make it even more durable. It’s printed in Realtree MAX-5 Camo so that it will blend in with your nearby surroundings and your gear. 

One of the best parts of this marsh seat is how lightweight and durable it is. As we’ve already said, it only weighs 4 pounds so it’s the lightest pick on this list. Despite this, it’s also sturdy and strong enough that you may be surprised to know it’s so light.

You can easily move it around and sit on it for many hours.

There aren’t many things we can complain about with this seat. It would be useful if the seat was to be a little bit larger, but the seat is still portable and light enough that it’s a somewhat insignificant complaint. 

This is definitely our pick for the best marsh seat of this year, and it should hold up very well, giving you something to sit on for many hunting excursions to come.

  • Aluminum, light build, weighing only 4 pounds
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Two side feet for stability
  • Duramax seat cover for extra durability
  • It could do with having a larger seat option

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ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Wetland Seat

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Wetland Seat
Our rating:

This wetland seat from ALPS Outdoorz is a fantastic choice as it’s sturdy but lightweight which is ideal for a marsh seat. The legs of the seat are made of aluminum, and though this isn’t quite as durable as steel it means that it doesn’t weigh quite as much.

The chair has two side feet that can be extended out for even more support so it won’t sink into the mud. It has a wedge shaped end that you can drive into the mud to give it more stability.

The seat measures 12” by 8” and it’s padded very well, so it’s a comfortable choice for when you’re going to be sitting for many hours. When you want to pack it away, the seat can fold down flat with the rest of the frame.

It even comes with a shoulder strap for when you go hiking.

There aren’t many complaints about this chair other than the seat. While it is well padded, it’s not particularly large which can be an issue for some people. If it was a little bit larger then there wouldn’t be many other problems to speak of.

Other than that, it’s a sturdy, fantastic and stable seat that’s lightweight and easy to transport wherever you need to go. The two side feet are also very effective. 

  • Sturdy and stable side feet and a wedge shaped end
  • Aluminum, light build
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Small, can be difficult to sit on if you’re larger

Mojo Decoys Mud Seat with Padded Camo Seat, Comfortable Hunting Folding Chair, Hunting Accessories, Outdoor and Camping Gear, Great for Duck Hunting,One Size,HW2203

Mojo Decoys Mud Seat with Padded Camo Seat, Comfortable Hunting Folding Chair, Hunting Accessories, Outdoor and Camping Gear, Great for Duck Hunting,One Size,HW2203
Our rating:

This mud seat consists of a very sturdy steel shaft with 3 steel lateral supports that are made to be specially shaped to spread out into the mud and give you a lot of stability. On the top you have a plastic seat that will keep you comfortable.

You can even adjust the height of it to properly accommodate your height and the depth of the water.

The seat design is quite sturdy and works very well. When you’re looking to move it, all you need to do is throw it over your shoulder using the shoulder strap it comes with. It’s incredibly easy to carry it around and move it. 

Problems? The seat is somewhat small so it may not be so comfortable if you are larger. The plastic isn’t particularly sturdy, or at a minimum it’s not as sturdy as a metal seat could potentially be. It is slightly heavy too, weighing more than 6 pounds.

Overall though, it’s a very affordable, solid option that will do the job effectively, and it’s a decent option.

  • 3 lateral supports that dig into the mud to give more stability
  • Solid steel construction
  • Light to carry
  • It’s a little heavier than some of the other options on the list
  • Small seat, not ideal for bigger users
  • Plastic seat not very sturdy

Surf n' Swamp® Seat

Surf n' Swamp® Seat
Our rating:

If you’re in the market for a lightweight marh seat but you need one that’s a little bit bigger, then look no further than the Surf n’ Swamp. This seat is made of tough, thick and durable plastic, so it weighs as little as 4 pounds but it’s still larger than most other seats on the market.

It consists of some plastic tubes that can change from 36” to 56” which is very tall, in order to properly accommodate you in pretty much any mud or water. The seat top measures 14” in diameter, for a comfortable and large seat.

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It’s also made in a neutral brown color that can blend into the natural environments. 

As we’ve already said, this sear only weighs a very lightweight 4 pounds, which is pretty cool. It’s very buoyant and light so that it’s able to float on the water if you end up knocking it over or dropping it.

It also comes with shoulder straps included, so it’s one of the most convenient and portable options on the market, though it is a little larger than most of the other choices.

The main complaint about this seat is that due to the width and length of the shaft, it can be hard to get it to sink into sand and mud, unlike some of the angled steel tubes that will sink straight into the mud with just a little bit of force. It need quite a lot of pressure and weight to get it to properly sink in. 

Besides this, it’s a very good, portable, lightweight and comfortable marsh seat. It’s a solid option because it’s so convenient and the seat is large, accommodating for slightly larger folks. 

  • Tough, thick and lightweight plastic construction
  • Weighs only 4 pounds
  • 36” to 56” tall
  • Comfortable, wide seat
  • Floats
  • Can be hard to sink it into hardened mud or sand
  • Slightly large

Banded B08389 A-I Slough Stool Bottomland Hunting Gear

Banded B08389 A-I Slough Stool Bottomland Hunting Gear
Our rating:

This is another very solid option for a marsh stool. The seat is made of solid steel and it has an angled bottom stake that will allow you to drive it straight into the mud, in addition to the two feet that help to balance it and give it a stable hold.

You can adjust the height from 26 ½” to 34” for hunting in varying depths of water, and to accommodate for your actual height. On the top is a 12 ½” x 8” padded seat and a shoulder strap you can use to carry it around.

The steel build is pretty hefty and does feel solid, but it’s most definitely one of the heaviest mud stools out there, weighing nearly 10 pounds! This may be a little bit too much to carry around, and it’s almost double the weight of a lot of the options on this list.

It’s got the same amount of useability and it is just as sturdy as our other picks, and it is a little bit cheaper but nevertheless it’s a little bit too heavy so we would likely go for another, more lighter option that can be carried around much more easily.

  • Angled steel construction is solid
  • Padded seat
  • Can be adjusted from 26 ½” to 34”
  • A bit too heavy

 Best Marsh Seat Reviews – Buyers Guide

Why should you buy a mud or swamp stool for waterfowl hunting?

If you are a keen waterfowl hunter that enjoys hunting in the swamps or marshes, then you’ll already know that you’re likely to spend a lot of time waiting for your targets and for those perfect moments to take your shots.

You’ll be out in the water wearing your waders just setting up decoy spreads and then you’ll be waiting for potentially hours. Of course, when you’re doing all of that waiting you’re not going to want to be crouching or standing all day in the water, especially when you’re holding a rifle or gun that you’re just about ready to take aim with.

Instead of this, you can make life easier for yourself by investing in a duck hunting mud stool that’s going to help you to remain in the marshes or swamps for a long time, all while making sure that you’re going to stay secure and comfortable in the water.

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We’re confident in saying that your back and legs are going to thank you for getting a chair, as long as the model you get is a high quality one. 

Things to Look for in a Marsh Seat for Duck Hunting

Portability and weight

The vast majority of mud seats are made out of steel, and this is quite heavy but durable. Others will be made of aluminum, which is a little bit softer but it helps to make up for cutting down on the weight. Some of them are made using a very durable plastic.

You’ll ideally need to look for something that is light enough for you to carry around and move when you’re going in and out of the marshes that you’re hunting in. Ideally you need something that weighs 6 pounds or less as a general rule of thumb.

It’s also worth checking whether the waterfowl swamp stool comes with a strap so you can carry it over your shoulder when you’re on the move.


The majority of seats are actually adjustable, ranging from 24” tall up to 37” or so. Some of them will even go up to four or five feet tall though. The higher you can position the heat, the deeper the mud or water you’re able to set up in.

This is very important as far as comfort is consider if you’re a slightly taller duck hunter. You should always clarify the heights of the picks we’ve listed below to see if it will be a good fit for you in this regard.


You should try to opt for something that will be large enough to comfortably accommodate you and ideally, look for something that’s padded. Some of the stools will consist just of thick plastic which will make them uncomfortable and hard to sit on for extended periods of time.

A thick, nice padded seat is much better for you and will mean you are able to hunt the ducks for much longer when you’re out in the swamps.

How Well it Sticks in The Mud

You’ll also need to clarify how hard it is to stick the seat into the mud and how well it’s going to sit in the mud too. Some of the seats can be a bit finicky to get them to stick in the mud correctly and aren’t particularly sturdy or stable when they are in it.

Of course you don’t want to have something that’s going to take you ages to get the stool set up or something that’s going to cause safety problems, you need a model that can be safely set up and as quickly as possible, so you are able to focus on the task you came to do.

Build Material

You’re able to buy marsh stools made of aluminum, steel or plastic. Usually the more expensive and higher end waterfowl stools tend to be made of steel and aluminum, and the steel stools are sometimes a little more heavy than the plastic ones, but their construction quality tends to be better

Final Thoughts

As you may have already seen, our all time favorite marsh seat at the moment is still the Avery Marsh Seat. The seat is made of some very solid steel and yet it’s still pretty light, has two side feet to help to keep it stable in the mud and it can be carried around easily.

The top of the seat is padded too making it very comfortable, and it can fold straight down flat so it stays portable. We love it because it’s so well built, and it’s definitely worth a little extra weight and a slightly higher price tag because of its steel construction.

Any one of these products from our reviews list is going to be a fantastic choice that will enable you to lay back during the longer hunts. Enjoy your marsh hunting for the ducks! 

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