Best Electronic Crow Calls

Foreplanning is essential when you’re going crow hunting, otherwise you’re likely to be trying to shoot at crows and you’ll get no luck, you’ll just waste ammo. Crows are pretty clever creatures and sneaking up on them probably won’t work.

They can be pretty difficult to hunt because of this, especially if you’re an amateur. Having the right gear can be a gamechanger, and a crow call is especially helpful. Instead of creeping up onto the birds you can use a call to get them to come to you.

There are a range of different calls, and you can get anything from a standard mouth call or an electronic one.

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Of course, there are a few considerations you need to be made. For example, some electronic calls are not legal in some hunting areas.

Always check first whether electronic hunting calls can be used in your area. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to check on what kind of electronic crow call you actually require.

Most electronic crow callers will have a bunch of different call sounds you can use, from fighting, to distressed to attack alter, among others.

It’s worth noting that not all of them will have this array of sounds so you need to think about what it is that you specifically need and what tactics for hunting crows you will be using before you try and buy one.

Thankfully we’ve taken a lot of the stress of looking for them yourself away from you and have compiled this list and buyers guide of the best electronic crow calls.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:
FOXPRO Shockwave Call, Tan
  • Fox motion mimic moving prey by fading sound from left speaker to right one, Fox Fusion Mix match any two sounds of your choice
  • Fox pitch manipulate the "pitch" of any sound in an effort to trigger a response, cast virtually hands-free calling with Fox cast sequence files
  • Fox Bang automatically maps your caller to a predetermined setting after discharging your firearm

Best Electronic Crow Calls – Comparison Table

Best Electronic Crow Calls – Reviews

Our Pick

FOXPRO Shockwave Call, Tan

FOXPRO Shockwave Call, Tan
Our rating:

If you want a premium hunting device that will give you some serious advantage in hunting game of all kinds, look no further than the Foxpro Shockwave Game Call. This is a beast of a device designed for those hunters looking to get the best value for their money.

This device is incredibly long lasting. It’s a 4 speaker system that already comes with 100 sounds preloaded into it, and even better? It can hold up to 1000 sounds in total!

This device has everything a hunter could want. If this call was in a classroom, it would be top of its class. It gives many other crow calls out there a run for their money.

The Foxpro Shockwave comes with a whole range of features that we know you’ll love. For starters, it comes with an LCD screen. It can also run for 3-7 hours, has the ability to mix two different sounds together, it will store your data from the hunt, and this isn’t even half of what it can offer.

It allows you to connect to external speakers, and it also has a decoy jack and a USB port to allow you to download more sounds onto it. It’s also possible to mimic the sounds of moving prey, as you can make the fading sounds switch from one speaker to the next.

Furthermore, it also comes with a remote that’s easy to use, so you don’t need to keep your hands full in order to use the crow call to the best of its capabilities.

The device comes with an impeccable sound quality. If you’re in an area where crows are common, you’re bound to get plenty of them flocking straight to you. It’s also fairly easy to control the volume and the volume can go very high.

Even if you’re from a distance you shouldn’t have a problem using this tool effectively. You also don’t need to worry about the sound becoming distorted either.

The call is made of a very sturdy and durable construction so you can feel safe in the knowledge that this is an investment that will last you for quite some time. For even more peace of mind, the product comes with a five year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

It is a little bit problematic the amount of batteries that are required to operate this device. It needs a massive 10 AA batteries in order to properly function. While this isn’t as much as a lot of other models on the market, it’s still pretty expensive considering there are so many of them needed.

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That being said, it does have a very good battery life so you should be able to use it for a while without needing to replace the batteries. It may be worth investing in some rechargeable batteries to use with it.

Whilst this is quite a bit more expensive than a few of the other crow callers we’ve looked at, the expense is there for a good reason.

This is by far one of the best electronic crow callers out there and if you want to make an investment in your hunting gear then this is more than worth it.

  • Lots of features to help optimize your hunt
  • Easy use
  • Good sound quality and easy to control volume
  • Lots of sound control
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Long lasting
  • 5 Year warranty
  • 1000 sounds can be stored in it
  • You can add new sounds with the USB connectivity
  • Needs 10 AA batteries to operate it which can cost quite a bit extra. It’s definitely worth investing in some rechargeable batteries
  • Beware of fakes being sold
  • Can be expensive but it’s worth the cost for hunters that are serious

FOXPRO Electronic Predator Call - Inferno - Coyote Call - Fox Call - Hog Call and More - Remote Operated and Programmable - American Made

FOXPRO Electronic Predator Call - Inferno - Coyote Call - Fox Call - Hog Call and More - Remote Operated and Programmable - American Made
Our rating:

Another product from Foxpro, the inferno is another fantastic option for crow hunting. They have a whole bunch of predator calls available that you can use, and this version even comes with 75 sounds already installed. You can also install up to 200 sounds on it in total.

It will allow you to upload even more sounds by using a USB. Furthermore, you don’t need to hold it to use it as it comes with a remote, so you can use it from a distance away.

The crow call provides a brilliant sound quality that’s not really matched by most other brands on the market. It also has quite a high volume so you can attract crows even at range, and you don’t need to worry about the quality getting worse.

If you need the volume even higher though then it’s possible to connect it to an external speaker.

The speaker it comes with is rather compact and portable, it’s not too difficult to carry at only 1.5 pounds. It also comes with a tripod mount on the bottom, but no stand comes with it so you’ll need to buy that separately if you need it.

The remote it comes with is also quite handy, and can be used even from over 100 yards away. It’s possible to control everything you need from it, for example changing sounds, and unmuting and muting, and also controlling decoys.

You do need to get your own batteries though as the device doesn’t come with any. Thankfully it doesn’t need as many batteries as some of the other options here as it only requires 7 AA batteries in total. Of these, 4 batteries are needed for the caller while 3 are needed for the remote. These batteries are also quite long lasting in the device too.

As far as budget goes, this is probably your best bet if you’re looking for something under $500, and despite this low price it even has brilliant sound quality. It’s got a bunch of awesome features, lasts a long time and it’s portable.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better device with sound quality this good in any other crow call at this price range.

  • Great sound quality and volume
  • A bunch of great features available
  • Hands free remote that’s easy to use 
  • Portable
  • Lightweight 
  • 3 year warranty comes with it
  • 75 sounds installed and capacity to store up to 200 sounds total
  • You can download new songs using a USB
  • No cable accessory for uploading new sounds
  • Lots of fakes being sold online

Primos Hunting 3755 Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos Hunting 3755 Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call
Our rating:

There are a lot of different predator calls available made by Primos. The Turbo Dogg is designed specifically for those pretty much career hunters that need top notch gear. It comes with 36 predator sounds already installed, and it also comes with the option to put your own sounds into it using a USB device.

You can easily control the device using a remote control and this can be used as far as 150 yards away. It’s easy to draw the flock into where you need it to be while you can get prepared to take your shot in the way you want to using the remote control.

This will give you ample time to hide without scaring away your target. The speaker is also freestanding so it’s worth keeping in mind that the range may not be as good if you keep it lying on the ground.

It may be worth buying a separate speaker to put the device on so you can get a better range between the remote and the speaker.

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The device already comes with a couple crow sounds already installed in it, but what’s particularly appealing is the ability to add up to 500 od your own sounds to it. That’s pretty impressive!

The device comes with a separate external port that you can use to connect it up with a speaker if you need it to.

The volume does go fairly loud but in higher volumes it can sound more distorted. For the most part though the sound quality is pretty good and it can be heard from a decent distance away by an approaching flock.

The decoy jack port is also quite handy as it will allow you to control the decoy using only the remote. You should keep in mind though that the whole device needs a bunch of batteries, 11 in total.

You need 8 AA batteries for the crow caller and 3 AA for the remote that goes with it. Thankfully the batteries last quite a while but it’s still a lot of batteries.

The device is also rather well rated on the internet and it comes with a bunch of awesome customizable features, so it’s certainly worth checking it out.

  • Lots of calls come with it
  • You can get new sounds and upload them to a USB
  • Able to store up to 500 different sounds in total
  • External speaker and decoy ports are optional additions
  • Sound quality is decent and good volume
  • Remote control operation ability
  • Lots of different features
  • Not a great deal of range between the caller and the remote – it should be used with a tripod to have a better range
  • Software issues can sometimes be an issue when you’re downloading new sounds
  • Sound quality can sometimes be distorted when you select higher volumes

Cass Creek Ergo Crow Call, Handheld Electronic Game Call, CC065, Compact Design, 5 Calls In 1, Expert Calls for Everyone,Camo

Cass Creek Ergo Crow Call, Handheld Electronic Game Call, CC065, Compact Design, 5 Calls In 1, Expert Calls for Everyone,Camo
Our rating:

Cass Creek are experts when it comes to making lures and calls for hunting. The Cass Creek Ergo Crow Call is actually designed specifically for crow hunting so of course it has a bunch of features that will make the activity so much more enjoyable for you.

The device is one you have to hold yourself and it has a fairly small speaker. It’s possible to use an external speaker jack with it so you can link it up to a much larger speaker.

As the built in speaker is a little quiet, using it with an external speaker is certainly worth your time so you can achieve the device’s full potential.

The device is quite lightweight, as you may expect from a handheld model, and you can hold it in only one hand so it’s easy to carry around with you. You can even hold it for long amount of time and it won’t be uncomfortable.

The device comes with 5 built in electronic crow call sounds, including the MacDaddy, crow/owl fight, distress, crow frenzy, and hawk attack. This is a pretty decent amount of tailored crow sounds, and of course this also provides a lot more crow sounds than you may find in a generic game caller.

It’s got fairly average sound quality, it’s nothing too fancy but it does what you need it to do. It’s pretty cheap too so it’s ideal for beginners.

  • 5 different crow calls provided
  • Handheld option
  • Affordable, especially for beginners
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Can be attached to an external speaker 
  • Isn’t very loud – best used with an external speaker
  • Not fantastic sound quality
  • Feels cheaper

350+ Programmable Predator Call with Bluetooth - 30 Sounds Included - Play 2 Sounds simultaneously - 300-Yard Remote Range (GEN2 GC350)

350+ Programmable Predator Call with Bluetooth - 30 Sounds Included - Play 2 Sounds simultaneously - 300-Yard Remote Range (GEN2 GC350)
Our rating:

Though this call is not necessarily designed specifically for crow hunting, nevertheless it has the ability to call crows and it’s a great tool for doing so. It comes with a bunch of different calls, and though there is only one call designed for crow hunting you can also upload more sounds to it.

This is a cheap and effective option if you’re looking to get into hunting or if you’re an experienced hunter on a budget looking for a decent option that won’t break the bank. There’s a lot worse you can buy than this as far as entry level callers go.

Though it is an entry level caller, you may not initially think it is when you analyze the kind of features that it comes with. For the features it comes with, you’d expect it to cost a lot more than it actually does!

It works for a variety of different activities, from prey calling to predator call so if you enjoy hunting other creatures then this would be suitable for you. It can also work in snow and other bad weather conditions too.

The caller comes in an impressive sleek design, but this is not all that it boasts. It’s a fairly lightweight device to carry, weighing only 1.9 lbs and you can easily put it into your hunting bag and it won’t weigh you down. Ideally you should put the caller higher up for better sound, though its sound is by no means bad it’s certainly better when you have better projection. It also comes with a tripod mount if you wish to do this.

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There are mixed opinions as far as the speaker is concerned but the 15 watt speaker is more than sufficient for the vast majority of hunting environments. If you do find that you require more, however, there is the potential to connect it with an external speaker for more volume.

You also have the option to connect an AD400 decoy to it to help attract the prey even more.

The unit also comes with a remote that can be used at a range of 300 yards away from the device. This is quite a decent distance, and it’s probably more than you need. The device doesn’t play two different calls at once unlike some of the more expensive options on the market, but it does have an auxiliary button for controlling decoys.

As far as batteries are concerned the whole unit requires 4 AA batteries while the remove requires a 12 volt A23 battery. These are pretty common and there aren’t nearly as many required for this device as there are for a lot of the other options on our list.

Furthermore, the device is very durable and holds up well in the rain, though it isn’t waterproof. It’s fairly easy to add sounds to the device too. Overall it’s a very decent option for the price and can be used for all skill levels, not just beginners.

  • Ability to connect to decoy
  • Not many batteries required
  • Durable – Holds up well in the rain
  • Can be connected to an external speaker
  • Sleek design
  • Not everyone is impressed with the speaker
  • Lacking some things that come with more premium speakers

Best Electronic Crow Calls – Buyers Guide

Quality of Sound

The whole reason you’re buying a crow caller is to call crows, so the sound needs to be authentic sounding. Usually more expensive models will give you a better sound, but some will also give a good sound output quality but get a lot of distortion at higher volumes.

If you need the call to be louder then it’s worth considering getting an external speaker separately. If this is needed you should check that the call that you’re buying has the ability to connect to an external speaker.


The vast majority of electronic crow calls on the market will require batteries. First of all you do need to have an awareness of how many batteries you need! Certain models will only need batteries for the caller itself, but there are others that come with a remote control that will need batteries for that too.

The battery life on a lot of these models is good but some of them can need even as much as 10 batteries to get everything setup and working. It’s also worth getting some rechargeable batteries too if the model you buy needs a lot of batteries.

Available Sounds

Each type of call you’ll get will come with a set amount of calls already installed, not all of them are crow related. You may find some that come with a whole bunch of extra calls you can utilice when you hunt for other types of game.

For the most part electronic calls have the ability to install new sounds you’ve downloaded onto them. You should always check first how many sounds your device can learn, however.


Depending on what you buy, you can find a lot of variation in the prices you’ll find for crow calls. You can have callers ranging anywhere from $20 up to $1000 for the more high end models.

If you’re looking to get into crow hunting for the long haul, then it’s worth investing the extra money, but even if you don’t have the money for anything expensive you can still get some good models for an affordable price.

Why get an electronic model?

Sound Selection

The main draw of buying an electronic rather than a traditional crow call is that there’s an abundance of different sounds to choose from. More often than not you’ll also get the option to add and download even more sounds than you already have so there’s a myriad of options that you can use to fit whatever hunt you’re going on.


Not every electronic crow call is hands free, but a good chunk of them are! More of the premium models will give you the ability to use the call without needing to hold it in your hand. Of course this will allow you to use your hands for other things such as your weapon, and it will keep you hidden for the best possible shot.


There are so many controls and features you can get with electronic models. Some will come with things like external speaker jacks, volume control and display screens! Of course as you may imagine, the more features the device has the more you’re going to have to pay, so you need to choose what things are the most important to you.

Final Word

We won’t dispute that hunting crows can be a real tough endeavour. For this reason, you should try to make sure you’re armed with the proper equipment and that you’ve done your research in advance. Always check that the electronic call will be legal in your hunting vicinity too!

That’s the end of our guide and recommendations, so we hope that we’ve given some insight about the kind of things to look for in an electronic crow call that will best suit your needs.

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